Callum Glasby

Callum Glasby Financial Advisor

Obsessed with learning –
and a passionate researcher

Callum has been active in the financial advice sector since 2005. His commitment to the profession is what underpins his drive to help people and make a meaningful contribution to society.

He recognises that quality advice is deliverable only with a clear understanding of a client’s goals.

Callum focuses on forging deep relationships with clients so recommendations are highly tailored to individual circumstances.

Callum Q&A

I studied economics in high school and was fascinated by how the financial system functions. I knew I wanted to work with money, so I became a bank teller straight out of school. I also began sitting in on my parent’s meetings with their financial adviser and when he offered to put me on and train me, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I’ve been on an ongoing journey of learning and development ever since.

Finanical planning is all about helping people. The more help clients need the more rewarding the relationship becomes. I especially enjoy helping clients navigate major life events such as retirement or moving into aged care. These are often times of elevated emotion for people. It can be overwhelming because there are usually lots of moving parts to consider. Being able to map out an efficient plan for people that helps them cut through the complexity is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I am committed to ensuring my clients can achieve the piece of mind they are seeking.

I look forward to one day travelling through the Nordic nations of Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Finland and Iceland. The countries consistently achieve very high rankings on the quality of life index. Global reporting indicates that citizens of these nations enjoy low levels of corruption and inequality. I am eager to learn firsthand how they have designed their economic and political structures to engender such a supportive society. They also have an abundance of beautiful fjords and mountains which I could happily gaze upon forever.

I enjoy running. Staying active keeps me physically fit and mentally strong. I also enjoy consuming documentaries. World history is an enthralling subject. So much of our present day culture can be explained by the ideological influences of civilisations past.

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